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Moisture—the enemy of woodwind and brass instruments—has more than met its match in the Horn Blower, the newest, most innovative high-tech instrument accessory from Hollywoodwinds.

There is no easier way to fight the damaging effects of moisture, which can shorten the life of the instrument—or of the player, should the brass be allowed to corrode with a potentially health-threatening condition known as "red rot."

After playing his or her instrument, the player simply places the Horn Blower in the instrument’s bell and sets the timer.

A powerful fan moves 11 cubic feet of air through the instrument every minute, pulling saliva away before it can do damage to the instrument.

In as long as it’s likely to take for the player to take a bus home, both the bore and the pads are bone dry. And a dry instrument is far less likely to corrode, preventing the onset of "red rot" and other corrosive conditions.

A dry instrument does not grow mold, which can result in hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), a dangerous allergic lung condition which can develop into fibrosis of the lung, a potentially life-threatening condition.

The Horn Blower takes just seconds to place in position and to turn on. It is compact and easily fits in most instrument cases.

The Horn Blower is adjustable, fitting all trumpets, alto and tenor saxophones, and French horns. Horn Blowers for other instruments are in development.

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Basic Horn Blower™ for . . .
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Deluxe Horn Blower™ for . . .
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone